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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Packing for Travel

I love travel but I don't really like the packing part.
I always feel like I will forget something, and I have a hard time picking what to bring.
I know travel light is the key but it's just so hard for me.
I always feel like I will need just about everything in my closet when I really don't and mum and Pecan have a hard time watching me pack.

"Why? Why are bringing that? Why are you bringing 7 pairs of pants? Why?"

I always tell them I'm just trying to be prepared...which I usually end up being over-prepared.

But there is some good tips that I pick up from my mum and some from experience along the way, and of course some just from the internet that really help my packing and later, unpacking easier.

Like you know how you should put your liquid into some kind of leak-proof bag, that's common sense now for a traveller like me. The tip is to double pack it, especially if you are going somewhere by plane. 
Somehow, something always leaks. It doesn't matter what the manufacturer says, leak proof, never leaks, whatever, doesn't matter what kind of bottle it is, it just does. I learn this the hard way, but I had to went through this multiple times to finally learned my lesson. That is whenever I get to my destination, I'm tired and just want to go to sleep but when I have to clean my face I find myself a bag of wet, sticky mess. Then I will have a hard time cleaning my pouch cause like all girls I like to put my stuff in something cute and not disposable and troubling. It's just a mess, on top of being tired. 
So nowadays, I always put my stuff in a disposable plastic bag before I put them into my pouch. Just in case it leaks, I can just throw the plastic bag away and rinse my bottle and I'm good to go.

That being said, you will always need to pack some extra disposable plastic bags, who knows when you are gonna need them. They are super useful for dirty clothes, or just as garbage bags when you go to the beach, etc.

I tend to fold them into triangle like that and stuff them in the outer pocket of my luggage. Easy storage!

My mum always nag me when I pack, I did learn something through the nagging though. Now, and I said now cause I don't used to do it since it's pretty troubling, but I find it time saving when I have to unpack or find something at my destination. The trick is to pack small pieces of stuff into different pouches, as much pouches as you need. Like my mini hair products into a pouch, socks into another pouch, etc. 
To be able to do this, I collect pouches like nobody's business. Whenever I get like a sample pack or a gift pack, I might give away the stuff inside, but I always keep the pouch. I like these cause they are not made to last, but they do last a good while as long as you're not too mean to them. 
They never last long enough till I have to clean them, but they last for a nice couple of trips, probably just nice like until I finish one set of my travel skincare or makeup and then I can throw them out. I do them throw them out so I need to constantly be collecting cute pouches from different places and I never get bored of them. (I tell myself that, now I actually have too much...)

These kind are to keep, but I like how it secure your stuff and have different size pockets for different things. You can pretty much get them anywhere, I usually get it from ebay.

If that's not enough troubling, I also roll up my clothes instead of folding them. 

I like it this way because they stack really well in suitcases and you don't have to worry about squishing them will cause any folding lines on the garment. I'm also really good at making them uniform so I can keep them on one side of the bag. When I pull any log out I can easily prevent others from falling out and make a huge mess in my suitcase. It's easier to move them in bunch than folded clothes too. I mean, it's just more convenient in multiple ways. I'm a genius! My mum loved it when I told her about this crazy idea of mine that I'm pretty sure many had already thought of lol

You see why I don't like packing? I make up a bunch of troubles to make sure my trip later a much more relaxing one, because I'm OCD with mess. Everything has to be even or neat or something. Or I'm gonna say bye to my trip and stay in my hotel room repacking everything as soon as I open my suitcase when I get there. I don't know why I do this, I end up going home with messy dirty clothes that needs to be washed anyway


Sunday, April 14, 2013

See you soon?

Usually "see you soon" you don't say it really happily because leaving at the moment is kind of heart-wrenching, even though you will see the people or come back to the place later and then that's all fun and sweet and stuff. Just the moment of saying bye, it's usually annoying.

But to me, this "see you soon" is exactly opposite.
I'm more than happy to leave, if only I don't ever have to see this place soon.
When I come back, I have a bunch of work to do like move houses and move things and start school (yucks!) and stuff it's just... nothing pleasant.

Right now it's exam week and all I could think of is holiday.
It's not just me right, you want to get this over with but you don't. I don't want the exam to come cause I don't feel ready but I really want it to be over so I can be on my flight and heading for the beach.

There is some sad part to this, I'm gonna have to leave Pecan for a bit.
I'm really used to having him around that the thought of him not being around scares me.
I don't function well with being alone...or do I? I don't know. I get too random sometimes being alone, it's scary.

Random rave and rant. you see what being alone does?making me so emotional and such damn.


Is it really this pretty?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Airplane skin care.

I always have 2 different travel size skin care pouch. One for the carry on and one in the luggage. I fly alot of long distance flight so I like to make sure my skin is hydrated and clean, air in planes are NASTY.
I always have face wipes with me in carry ons, current favourites are these.

I use it to clean my face and hands before I do anything to my face, cause I always leave the house with skin care and sunscreen (gotta block those UV rays!) so before I go ahead and hydrate my face I need to clean it and these are probably the best option for make-up free face. If I ever have the slightiest makeup on I will clean it with makeup remover first, I'm really OCD about this.

After it's clean, I tend to put on a hydrating mask before I go to sleep, doesn't matter if it's sheet ones or just something like this.

Origins - Drink Up™ 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin's Thirst  

It's not gonna feel super comfy cause it's sticky and oily but oh well, I'm going to sleep right away so.
Depends on how long the flight is, if I sleep couple of times then I will do couple of times of mask. I will either bring different kind of sheet mask (brightening, hydration, reduce spot bla bla bla, etc.) or one tube of this, this is a nice size that is allowed on the plane so I just bring the whole tube. I always wipe it off before I put a new layer on though.
Before I get off the plane I wipe my face clean and just slap on some light moisturizer and eye cream and I'm good to go.

For the moisturizer, I will depends on the destination arrival time, moisturizer with spf for the daytime arrivals like this one,
or a night cream.

For a moisturizing eye cream, I like the Bobbi Brown Eye Cream lately. Absorbs really fast so that's a plus as I'm usually rushing to do all these before landing so I don't have to get yell at by flight attendants.

it's small and compact too.

yes, I always trouble myself and do a bunch because I have nothing to do on a flight anyway. yes, I guess I can be reading too and I do, it just comes after all the routine :P
you do want to look clean and amazing and fresh for the person who pick you up so that they don't get scared and run away, you know. And holiday is all about looking fabulous isn't it? or is it about relaxing..? not sure but oh well.

Anyway after all the hard work, it's time for me to leave the plane and starts my journey of memory making. See ya.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Let's talk Spring!
This time not about food(surprise!!!)! I am in love with the spring trend right now.
I finally get to wear my ballet flats and shorts and head off. Unlike winter, I have to wear like tank top, t-shirts, an outerwear, and then jacket, scarves, gloves, sometimes double layer, you know the drill, it's just never ending work, especially on the coldest days.
I'm more than happy even though spring always come late in Canada and some of them even say Canada basically doesn't have spring. For Canadians, we HAVE spring, 10 degrees is spring and we rock our shorts and tank tops and head out.

I specially like the mint colour trend this spring. Mint has become my favourite colour since even before spring.



Mint-coloured anything is a no-kidding trend right now, it looks good and feels summery.

I'm usually afraid of light-coloured pants since I'm not the skinniest person in the world and wearing light-coloured pants makes me look fatter. But I love the colour so much that I decided not to sacrifice my love for them.


Any pieces with a hint of the colour mint attracts me. And colourful pieces like this makes it even more summery but doesn't yell body shape since it's loose-fit.

It's summer, you can't hide in darkness anymore!


Everything from Milktee.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Or you can call it healthy brownies!
It was suppose to be blondie but it is clearly orange to me.
After the devilish cake in a skillet, I still crave for dessert all the time so I can't help but to make some. I avoided the unhealthy choices of chocolate brownies though and instead make it with amazing ingredient to make healthy Orangies!

These are brownies make with pumpkin puree and oat flour!

 It's not really orange, it's actually pumpkin puree. This is the end of the baking and I decide to make some pumpkin frosting to go on top of it. Made with pumpkin puree, some cream cheese, and little tiny bit of powdered sugar. It was really smart of me, sure.

I spread it as evenly as I can and let it sit and rest for about 1 hour. I only need 20 minutes, I just got lazy, like usual. Atlas the frosting harden, or dry out, however you like to call it, and creates a soft layer on top of it.

I also sprinkle raw sugar on it after spreading the frosting. They say it gives a nice crunch but I don't know. I just want to give it a try and it was okay since my orangie wasn't too sweet. The crunch is so little but that's because I try to put less to decrease my sugar intake. After all this is suppose to be a healthier dessert.

I just couldn't get the frosting absolutely smooth so maybe someone can tell me.

I wish you can see how dense it is and that makes it not crumbly at all and so pumpkin-y.

If you love pumpkin, you WILL like this and because it has the "healthy" label, you WILL end up eating the whole thing and it will become unhealthy again. sigh.
Guess who did that?


Friday, March 29, 2013

Cake In a Skillet

Did I mention how excited I am to get my cast iron skillet?
They are awesome like everybody said they are.
AND you can make desserts in them, that just makes it even better, like SO MUCH better.
I heard you can make cookies in them, but for now I'm just making a cake in them and i don't know why but they really do taste so little better. (It's my obsession with the skillet, isn't it? sigh.)

I always start with dry ingredient, cause then I can use the same whisk to whisk the wet ingredient and don't have to dirty the new one. Less dishes is always a plus, uh huh.

Then we have wet ingredient. I mix it in the big measuring up like this, just to make pouring easier.

mix together, and looks like it's not coming around, but....

coming together!!!

finally, but don't overmix. you pour it into the skillet and...


I went on piping spree with cream cheese frosting.

and share them with everyone.

Just because this was the unhealthy cake and I didn't want myself to eat it all. Let everyone have their cheat day today for me?


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Avocado Cupcake

Right after my Sweet Potato Cupcake, I was determined to pipe more real food onto cupcakes and make them not just sweet but really edible (not just full on sugar and unhealthy, but real food...with sugar and less unhealthy). So I went on Google spree and found another recipe to try!

It's obvious that I'm talking about avocado here (from the title yes!)
I didn't like avocado before I think they are bland and boring and most importantly, fattening. This reason keeps me away from it for a long time until I found out that it actually helps you burn the bad fat!!So I'm like hell yea, and start buying a bunch of avocados, even though mr. Pecan does NOT like it (He said he don't mind it but yea right, pick it out every time he could, what a kid.). I like it! It's creamy, it's easy to dress up and you can do so many thing with it!
Guacamole is not my favourite but adding it into dessert or salad or sandwich, yummay!

I actually replace a big part of the fat in the cupcake with avocado, so it will still be moist but it's healthy! Oh yea, I'm so into healthy food lately, and you'll know why later.

I didn't make a whole batch of cupcake because I knew I can't eat them all. I mean I would love to, but I shouldn't and I couldn't, AND you'll know why later.

After my cupcakes are done, I whipped up some avocado and tiny bit of cream cheese to give it some stiffness, for my frosting!

Frosting on the left, cupcakes on the right, all ready for me to pipe!!
After my last success on piping, I'm much more confident now. Only this frosting is not as tough and the other ones so I can't really decorate much other than doing the plain old swirl decoration. So that's what I did.

You see most of them are the simple plain old swirl. That weird looking one on the upper left corner kind of, is me trying to give my cupcake a spiky-hair frosting. It did work!! Just doesn't hold up too well. meh!

 Had it for breakfast!! Yup, it is healthy enough for breakfast, believe it or not. It's moist and the frosting did NOT taste weird or stevia-ish at all. (I hate stevia. Yucks!)
Maybe I could make it for my vegetarian aunt soon! Hope she'll love it!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Food Favourite!

Feel free to feel like this is slowly turning into a food blog, cause even I feel so. Sigh. I wasn't even trying. It just happened.

If you haven't notice, I'm obsessively in love with nuts. Like the edible, healthy, delicious nuts please. Other kind of nuts may perhaps be edible for some people, but I doubt it to be healthy or delicious. I mean I don't know and I don't want to know. (Where is this leading to?)

Nuts. yes. Like hazelnut, peanut, pecan, marshmallow(What? Marshmallow is not a nut and it's unhealthy? I can't eat it everyday? Nooo....) and etc.
I mean it when I say obsessive. I'm addicted, uncontrollably addicted. It's like drug to me. I get headache if I don't have at least one every day(okay..maybe not like THAT but still.)
Lately it got intense when I found one of the most amazing thing in the world!
I mean it has been all over the place for a while but because it is not the cheapest thing in the world I didn't want to try it. I thought it won't be that much difference anyway.
In fact, NOW, I regret the choice of ever wanted and did try it. I'm hooked. I can finish a jar in a week all by myself! And that is only because I have self-control, or else I would have finish 31 jar in a month even when there is only 28 days.

So, here it is!

May I call you amazingness in a jar!!!
This is from Nuts To You(Proudly Canadian oooooh) and it's so far my favourite brand!
Well, I've only tried out 2 because that is all I can find here in Winnipeg and ordering other overpriced brand online is not an option.
This taste so much better than the one in the Bulk Barn, not saying that they are not good neither because they are still good! This one is less oily and more cashewy, like toasted cashew-y, like damn toasted cashew-y. So yea, I'm hooked.

I even bought carrot sticks so that I can dip into this thing and feel less guilty.
I spread an avocado layer over my toast so that I can spread extra thick layer of this on the other side because "to avoid the avocado overpowering my cashew butter taste." At least that's what I tell myself (wink wink)

This is seriously so good! If you can EVER can your hands on it, don't. You've been warned.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Workout Goals

Do you know that headstand or inversion pose in yoga is very good for you? Not that other poses are not good but I specially like this one.
It helps with blood circulation and somebody said it helps with headaches! Of course its so much core work too.
As much as I love it, I can't do it!!

This is my best - inversion prep.
I can't even lift my leg off the floor, YET.
My goal is to lift my leg off the floor in a month.
You know, goals have to be achievable and attainable, hopefully mine is not myself over-estimating my core strength.

Then there is triceps push up.
I can do one without being on my knee.
This is annoying especially after working out for months.
But nothing is easy and easy is no use in the workout world.
So, I'm thinking 3 full triceps push up in 3 months.

It doesn't even matter if I lose weight anymore with these.
These are really about strength and my sustainability.
Inspirations and motivations, for myself.
If I try my best, at the end of the day, I will inspire myself.

It's all about mind, they say.
So I'm going to push through it.
Do you have things that you want to push through as well?


Monday, March 11, 2013

Boyfriend's Present Idea Pt. 2

Here we talk about what you shouldn't get for your boyfriends. At least, in my opinion, not the most appropriate.

First, don't get them something YOU like.
You might be thinking,

why would I buy him something I like, pfft.

honestly though, I've seen people doing that!
For example, making them chocolate covered strawberries. You tell yourself, those are so amazing, so delicious, so cute, it will be perfect. NO! Chocolate is girl's best friend, it won't necessary be their favourite! They won't hate it, but it's their birthday right? I mean I know you just want him to have one so that you can eat the rest, don't pretend like you wanted to give them alllll of them. Cause I won't...hey, it's chocolate covered strawberries, you can't not at least have ONE. So if you're gonna make food, make sure it's something THEY like.
Other example will be jewelries. I think I met enough guys to tell you that, they don't really like wearing all those ding-a-lings. I mean they wear them, but it's not really what they will go crazy for. It is, though, a good way to tell them not to expect much for next year's birthday. A pair of sneakers will always top that.

Secondly, don't just go for the expensive things.
I mean they will like it if it's some branded whatever but it is not necessary for you to do that. Don't spoil your boy there! Let him understand the fact that heart is what that matters. You do want him to see the effort of you preparing all these things, so don't blind him with the brand or price. In fact, not all branded things look good on everyone. You have to be able to carry that piece instead of letting it carry you and weighing you (or your age) down, it's hard. So don't buy him something that will make him look like a kid trying too look like his grandpa(you know what I mean right? Tell me you have not met one person who does that, sigh).
This is Mr. Galla carrying the pieces.

Hey, stop drooling over your keyboard. He is not for sale.

If you need a trying-too-hard example, go look at that kid in your class, you know who I mean.

Go easy on yourself, and most importantly, on him.

Thirdly, no fancy-pancy!
Don't go for something TOO fancy. It's so hard to catch hearts with those, it's either a total win or a total loss. You could definitely take that risk sometimes, remember to observe his face and as soon as you realize his weird expression that says he doesn't like it, say

"I'M JUST KIDDING!! this is not, I ordered it but it's not here yet...."

Remember to prepare you excuse beforehand. Don't say it's at home or something. What if he wants to pick it up, you'll be screwed.
Best example, will be Justin Peeper's wing shoes. I mean, look at it.

There is no I-don't-love-it-but-I-will-wear-it attitude with this kind of shoes, if somebody doesn't like it, there is no way he will give it a try.

Lastly, don't worry too much. It will be fine. It's not that hard, it's all about what they need. You want to get them something they can use all the time so whenever they see it, they thought about you. As long as it doesn't goes out from there, you won't go too wrong, don't worry!
In fact, I won't want to make it too perfect so that he won't expect too much from me next time. I'm really not that creative you know.

Do accept any suggestions he give you though, like if he said I actually don't like pasta or something, or blue is not his colour, etc. I always ask him how does it feel about it, does he likes them and wish he would be truly honest with me, so that I can learn and improve! Don't think of it as he doesn't appreciate your effort, cause he does! But you would really want him to truly likes what you gift right?

Now, good luck, other than preparing his gift, don't forget to get yourself ready! Remember, YOU are the best gift he could ever have and you should show him that.