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Saturday, January 10, 2015

How to Live AGAIN in Malaysia

There's thing that I am just not used to anymore.
Cut me some slack, I'm still a real Malaysian, I just haven't been practicing.

First, I kept forgetting that we always drive on the other side, and driver seat is on the right.
I keep trying to get into the driver seat and my mum will look at me like,

"so, you driving hon?"

It's actually pretty dangerous, as I would actually look out on the wrong side when I'm trying to cross the road. Good thing we don't cross the road any way like when we are in Canada, so I'm actually extra careful anyway.
One thing I do remember this time, is how to cross the road. Last trip, which is like 2 years ago, I was freaking out on the street of Taiwan outside my hotel. I felt absolutely defeated, to the street. I lost the ability to cross the Asian street. So I'm real proud that this time, I kept my survival skills.

You also always, and I mean ALWAYS, have to bring napkins or tissue paper of some kind with you wherever you go. They are not free nor are they available everywhere. If you don't have tissue paper with you, more often than normal, you have to ask someone for it. If you live here, you usually remember to bring some with you. Like mum, she always have at least 2 pack with her. Since we are not the most sweat-less people... Whenever it's almost the end of meal time, you see us looking for my mum for tissue paper. It's just how it works.
Sometimes, washroom don't even have toilet paper and you are just stuck there. Trust me, it's not rare at all that washroom here does not provide tissue paper. We don't really trust people here, unfortunately.

"Don't look presentable"

That is what my mum has been telling me these days. We need to not catch any attention whatsoever.
It's not that easy mum, with the genes you gave me, I can't hide these exploding beauty... of yours. *mega hairflip*
We are not in the safest country, not even close to a safer surroundings, so you just always have to be cautious everywhere you go. You absolutely shouldn't look tourist, that's the deal.
You have no idea how many creepy stares I've gotten when I first arrived with my sweater.
It makes you wonder what are they planning in their evil minds.

I guess staying focused and cautious is always very important when you are outside anyway.
In a country that has a pretty high snatching and pick-pocketing rate, precaution has to be taken.
Bags always within sight and never leave you, don't bring important documents with you, don't take drinks from stranger, etc etc.

It might sound scary, but these are just something I noticed that I have to suddenly be really careful about, just to survive and live.


Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I missed back home.

I literally wrote down a list. Just in case I forget anything. There is going to be way too many and I know it. So for the first time, I prepped pen and notebook in my bag, so I can write things down.
I'm never the kind that likes to record things on my phone if I can write it down, it just feels... more real?

Anyway, I got back to my hometown, Alor Star, at like 8 in the morning, so we went for breakfast at this restaurant that I used to loveee going. It changed so much! The whole restaurant looks different. One thing is the same though, it's semi outdoor and there is no AC.
I'm really glad that it's the morning and it's not burning out yet.

I sat down and ordered the classic breakfast drink for Malaysians, Milo O, how much I miss this!
You are probably thinking,
"milo, you can buy it and make it anywhere."
No, it's not that simple. 
Restaurants always make them in a rush, they never mix them well, and so a big part of the Milo is not melted and stayed at the bottom of your cup. But it's these imperfection that made their way into the holy memoryland and make them so special.

This restaurant, like many other Malaysian kind restaurants, are made up from these individual stalls that sell their own thing. It's almost like a tiny food court. Only these, doesn't follow no rules. They make their food their way, and they all deal with their customers their own way. There is no Health Standard whatsoever, but no one really ever get sick from eating here (maybe a small portion, fine. They just have weak stomach, geez!)

See how they have these colourful plastic basins to wash their equipment and sometimes the food. I don't know about you but a lot of times here, these people are very clean and they simply make the best food. No complains for me! Malaysians do eat everything xD
Did I mentioned how the noodles are less than 5 Ringgit? Exactly.

I never realized how amazing cheap tiny portions could be, I get to try 4 different food in one breakfast!

I also had our infamous Malaysian toast with kaya(egg jam), I can't help but miss it.

Though many are amazing, this is probably one of the best version. I don't know what about it, but it's amazing. It's definitely NOT simply toast, it's THE OldTown Kaya Toast.

Back in my hometown, we also have paddy fields. Beautiful, paddy fields that takes breath away. I never realized that until these days when I don't get to see it that often anymore.

Look at how green they are!
It's so big I can't even see the end of it.
Words can't describe how I feel about this, it is truly something you need to see it with your own eyes.

I never knew, but my country, is quite pretty!
We have amazing view, people, and most importantly, food!


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Lets talk Thai food

My first day back, I'm already thinking about all this food I need to have before I go.
There's so many of them, I don't really know where to start, good thing my uncle already figured it out for me.

Thai food it is.

We went to this amazing, beautiful, award-winning (I know it's award-winning, there's gold plates all over the wall) Thai restaurant that my uncle have heard of since a while ago but never been to. His words were to wait for me to come back and have this special moment with me. How is he not the sweetest?! 

We were super late cause of the traffic, and so they already ordered so all I needed to do was to sit down and pig out as soon as I arrived.

It's crazy how long haven't I actually tasted authentic Thai food.  
The mango salad was simply amazing for me, but I guess like my mum said, at this point everything will be crazy awesome to me.
I was like, there you go, THIS is how mango salad is suppose to taste like.

There is many other things that I could talk about, like the huge tiger crab, and the cockle clams cooked in green curry sauce or something.

But this, this is what completes my first day.

Durian ice cream (from REAL durian) with actual durian and sweet sticky rice. 
What is this heaven right here?
Don't judge me, I'm Malaysian, durian is everything.


Journey of Thai food to be continued...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hi home.

So first day back.

First thought:

I'm melting.
No wait, I melted.

How is it even possible to survive this. How did I do this?

My hair is frizzy, I always feel dirty since I'm always sweating.
I don't feel like moving cause I feel like if I move a finger I will start sweating.
This is the part where I definitely don't miss.

Then there is everything else.

I got off the flight, my darling cousin girl, picked me up with my dad.
Oh dear, how much she has grown.
My little girl, how much I miss her.
(I miss my dad too but I just saw him like a month ago so he is less missed =P)

Did I tell you how I came back to a crazy rain?
And no, it didn't cool down nothing.
I'm still melting!!

Not cool, weather, not cool.

Head home, shower and out for dinner.
Our car was way too full so we have my beloved uncle to pick us up, and then we went to pick up my aunt and my little cousin brother.
My darling cousin brother, what a handsome thing.
Also the sweetest thing on earth.
He always remember to give me hugs, unlike the sister, grrr.

Then I saw my bro, sis in law, my godmumsie, and my maid.
I looked so calm too, but secretly I was dancing and hopping around inside. After all, these are the people I miss the most. I want to pack them in my pocket and take them with me if I can.

I'm so tired all I can do is trying to not sleep, but nothing is working. I napped all the way from home to the restaurant.

I'm going to sleep right after this.
Tomorrow is a early flight.

I missed home here, but now I miss home there too.

View from my living room window at 6 in the morning last week.
Helps making me feel better a little bit.


 ps: I love my Classic Walking Fedora hat! and excuse my tired face.

Hi blogging.

I just have no determination whatsoever.
It never last me longer than 3 days to give up blogging.

But I mean I'm away. I have lots of time on hand so let's just try again.

So here we go again.

Let's just try to make it through the whole vacation in Malaysia.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

DailyLook StyleSet Competition

I was not like super into the competition, I was more having fun dressing up. It's almost like playing barbie as a little girl except you don't have real person and real things to work with.
I just wanted to know what can I come up with and I'm pretty impressed by myself!! lol
I don't think I'm half as good as other people that is participating but I like the fact that I can try out things I would never thought of or put on or buy and get super excited when it turns out pretty good.

My first try!

1385612424_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l3rvcc9etc05mjq4nf9wms5qcgc__h_sh540_mw350 1385612243_dl-86473_v1-195 1385612119_dl-97780_v0 1385611938_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l2fjy2vzc29yawvzl0rmltkwmtqxx1yxlmpwzw___h_sh540_mw350 1385611832_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l2fjy2vzc29yawvzl0rmltkymzg4x1yxlmpwzw___h_sh540_mw350 1385611668_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l2fjy2vzc29yawvzl0rmltk2nzywx1yxlmpwzw___h_sh540_mw350 1385611549_77030_stick 1385611082_l2ltywdlcy9wcm9kdwn0l2hhdhmvrewtotc3ndrfvjeuanbn_h_sh540_mw350 1385610974_dl-78213_v0 1385609999_nctc0215 1385609926_dl-96528_v0 1385609149_dl-96270_v0

And then my second try!

Can you see how much fun I'm having?

What's a better chance than now to start layering and put as much clothing as you could on you to keep yourself warm WHILE looking chic?

To be honest there is alot of things on there that I will never put on but you gotta see what you can do with things you don't believe! I don't know about others but I think I gave a pretty good try ;)

Now I just make myself wanna go shopping.
Dang it.


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

No wifi days.

Back from holiday and officially back to school and work.
Not the funnest thing ever but I'm trying to stay positive here.

I always know I'm not the die-if-no-wifi kind of person (I really am not!) but no wifi for toooo many days is different. 

Good things:
  • I pushed myself to clean and unpack boxes for my new apartment due to boredom.
  • I go out.
  • I'm starting to pick up cooking again after so long. (Eating out is so costly here!)
  • And....done. Can't think of no more.

Bad things:
  • I'm B-O-R-E-D.
  • I'm sleeping, A-LOT. (I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but consider the amount, 12 hours approx. yea.)
  • Keep eating.
  • Using all my data on my phone (Cost a lot if I go over!)
  • Can't blog, can't pay school fee, can't do nothing...conveniently. (Have to run all the way here!)
How did people survive back then with just pigeons?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel Skin care must.

Everything Tiny.
In a conclusion.

I don't know anyone who doesn't like a good sample. It's like travel person's best friend!
But you gotta have good samples, not those whatever-I-took-from-whatever-place samples.
Some samples ruin your skin in an instant and you really don't want yourself breaking out during the first day of your amazing holiday on the beach. Trust me, you won't be able to enjoy anything with acne all over yo face. It's a nightmare.

2nd thing is probably sunscreen.
Can't stress over it more.
The best sunscreen for me has to be this one my Rimu(my bro) bought me.

Anessa is probably the best sunscreen I've ever used.
I hate sticky and this is not. End of story.
The water consistency doesn't add shine to your face if it isn't already.
But it does makes it dewy if you like it that way.
It's so important to slab that sunscreen on before you head out the door anyway, even at home.
Just bring your favourite one, you will thank yourself in a couple of years.

Vacation is probably the best time to pamper yourself.
So why don't bring a couple of your favourite mask with you.
I like sheet masks but you can also bring those mask in bottles like these.

Clear Improvement® Active charcoal mask to clear pores
This one, the Clear Improvement active charcoal mask, is definitely one of the very good Origins masks that I have ever heard.
I always wanted to try it since there is so many good things told about it.
I heard they actually takes all the gunk out of your pores and improvements are seen after couple of use.

My personal favourite though, is the Kielh's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque.

Have I not already talked about this like numerous times. I love everything about it.
I love how it tingles, I love how clean it makes my skin feels, I love how it's not too drying (doesn't mean you can use it every day!), like just everything about it.

I know how this just added a couple of "unnecessary" extra pounds into our luggage but hey, we need it!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2nd day Cancun!

Breakfast is always buffet, you can call room service but my familuvs likes eating together so we always get up early and meet up for the buffet. I really wanted to try breakfast in bed though..... Nope, no being a lazy bum heads when on an all-inclusive trip with mum.

 Good morning!

 Maybe my face?

 Hello dear aunt, 5 ku said she wants to take a picture with the pretty girl...*cough cough

 After breakfast we went for a walk around the hotel main pool...

 To wait for lunch time to come....

 Lunch time!! Today's lunch we decide not to go for the buffet, seafood is a must for the first day.

 5 gu likes her appetizer.

Look at the size how is this appetizer?! She said she is pretty much full after this.
5 gu is a pretty petite little lady.

This is my appetizer, fried HUGE Shrimp with a nice dipping sauce. As I'm reminded, I feel like I need it now!

The soup taste like really flavorful Malaysian Har Mee noodles soup without the noodles and with more seafood and stuff. I think it's because it is too, made out of shrimp stock or just seafood stock in general...maybe something even more classier like lobster shell... yum...

"Food taste better when you think of them more expensively." - Someone smart and Asian *cough cough

Oh, we have bread and tortilla chips while waiting for the food to get here. Maybe it's the holiday mood but everything taste better here, even just simple bread.

 Can't decide, everything looks good!

 Maybe this, maybe that... the view behind my beautiful mummy! I mean you can really see but you see that different shades of blue, that is the ocean....U see why I pick this seat...XD

I never order before other people, so that I can wait till everyone get what they have and I just go with whatever they didn't order. So that I can try a little bit of everything!

 I had to tie everything up it's too hot out there.

And show some of my sexy tummy fat. 

 Then we went to the second pool side of the hotel.

All the daybed has been taken, you have to come "book" your seat early in the morning or you most probably won't get any. Until like 5 when the sun is about to go down that is when everyone leaves. I usually like to pop into the comfy day bed at that time with my drink.
I don't get it because I never want to stay in the day bed with little to no shades on top of me (that sheer piece of cloth does nothing!) at this time of the day. It's like LET'S BURN! No thank you.

 Giant Jenga!

 They are really bad at this. Not that I tried but...

 The view of the other side of my room in the day time!

Main pool view in the day time.
Look at those crazy people in the pool at 12 in the afternoon.
I'm pretty sure this is not just because I just came from a really cold place that I feel extra hot.
I'm pretty sure it IS super extra hot here where no one should want to stay out in the sun like that...but apparently I'm the weird one.

 Look at that!

 Will you understand if I say I can't get enough?

 Uncle's room is on the other side of the long hotel.

There's a cafe that serve little pastries and sandwiches in case you're hungry throughout the day.
Like that will ever happen.
Cause there's like 5 other snack place excluding stupid let's-make-all-our-guest-fat 24 hr buffet restaurant.
You just keep eating.

 He really likes this adorable, always smiling customer (that's me!)

After lunch and after-lunch-walk, everyone wants to go take a nap, I don't because I'm still so full from all the ice cream, so I stay here and rest....with a cup of Angel's Kiss Martini...just in case I'm not full enough.

Yellow flag! And mr. Lifeguard is off duty...
No seriously, this is real... I know it's not me, the view is THAT amazing, you don't need no skills to take amazing view like that, and I HAVE no skills, no professional equipment whatsoever.

As long as you always look at it so tinily, you can't really tell if I took this real life or if I downloaded from some kind of wallpaper website...I think...not...fine, maybe a littleeee bit of skills will help...

 Panorama shot of the beach.

 you HAVE to do one of these when you get to the beach no? with slippers in my hand....

 sexy waves.

Another attempt of panorama shot.
It's suppose to be a straight beach(like this one below) but I don't know why panorama shot make it round......Someone pro in camera can tell me maybe...

 To the right from where I stand...

And to the left...
With random people in my shots.
Those are other hotels along the beach, all huge and beautiful.

My hotel!
I think it's only fair to give it some credit of providing such amazing experience.

 This is one of the must-take, you know that.

 Poh gotta chill on the beach chair too.

Then of course, dinner time.
Dinner here, you have a choice of the buffet, of course, or fine dining.
Tonight our choice is full on Italian style fine dining.

 This is more like pre-appetizer.

While waiting for your appetizer you can go get these pre appetizer, buffet-style for these.
And you have your bread and your wine.

 Hello inside the restaurant.

 Wanted to take the view, with my face in it...doesn't work

 There. sun is going down.

We are suppose to kind of dress up nicely for these fine dining restaurants but nope.
Men have to wear long pants or you can't dine in so at least my dad have that..

5 gu and 5 tio. and that orange fountain thing behind them.

 2 sim and 2 chek...

And 2 tio. Can you tell how excited they are?
Maybe they are just too hungry...

This is probably my minestrone soup. Thank the lighting for the blurriness.

My steak and mushrooms.
Everyone was jealous cause mine looks perfectly portioned! Everyone else's is so super huge.

Mum's Salmon. Her all time favourite. Another perfectly portioned dish.

2 tio's Shrimp risotto.
It's a big portion, so my 2 tio who is already not a big fan of white food, couldn't really devour it all. Not the risotto's problem!

 Did I mention dessert is ALWAYS buffet style?

That fig cake (bottom left corner) is HEAAAAVEN~ like song-came-into-my-mind-when-I-thought-about-it good. seriously.

 Chocolate fruit cup and pudding.

 Then after dinner, a walk on the beach.

 Look at the moon and cloud thing going on here.

 Only if I have professional equipments...

 Wouldn't this look divine?!

 I couldn't get enough.
To be honest it didn't stop amazing me for the next couple days even though I see it every night.
Still gives me chills everytime I see it.

 Theres mum lol

acting all cute and stuff

kicked her out for a second to have a Moon and me moment.
And so she bring dad into the picture for justice

Then it's time to go to bed.